One Piece Episode 734 English Subbed

  Title:  To Be Free! Dressrosa's Delight!

One Piece Episode 734, One Piece Episode 734 OnlineYou are going to Watch One Piece Episode 734 online free

One Piece Episode 734 To Be Free! Dressrosa’s Delight!

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  • Josell Vi Britannia

    1 episode every sunday lol

    • Chiyusa


  • Dunno Me

    Finally this piece of shit arc is done, too many idiots crying, I cant stand it.

    • Chiyusa

      if you went through what they went through, i bet you’d be crying too.

      • John

        The posts were two months ago so it’s about outdated, but I agree with you regardless.

        I’m pretty sure the main reason people disliked this arc isn’t really the arc. It’s the animation. In the manga, this arc was rated to be one of the best arcs of all time. I think it was rated #5 according to a large poll done on the subreddit site? Anyways, the anime makes me cringe every time I try watching and I think a lot of the frustration is the poor pacing, long lengths, and overall bad job at portraying this arc.

        To anyone who wants to see how the arc should have REALLY been, I suggest reading it before deeming it a shitty arc. Anime-wise, I agree tho it really is shit lol

        • Dex

          yeah i agree to an extent. i think the backstories were done well and certain elements of it were fine. but the pacing and excessive flash backs and showing everyone’s perspective like 100 times was unnecessary. the fight scenes were dragged out and again, showing people crying and screaming at unnecessary times started to take away from the emotion and empathy.

          but eh, for me, anime is only to just see a bit more detail, colouring and animation. manga always tells the story more precisely and effectively.

      • Dunno Me

        I doubt, if so not as much as these people, its like they got water tanks in their eyes, takes away the fun and danger in a arc, it shows people crying for like 10 minutes, it wasting time would be something worth crying over

    • ☆Half Human☆

      I ‘m one of those idiots mehh

  • Rico Jamon

    The worst part of it all is that its mostly fucking fillers, the mange is taking forever with breaks in between. It’s so annoying to have an anime where they don’t take their fans into consideration.